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Moving over 30,000 OTR Tyres per year across 2.5million km

LogisticsFleet - New South Wales

Tytec Logistics' New South Wales fleet currently consists of 1 x Depot to Minesite trucks, 2 x Port to Depot truck and 1 x Delivery truck as well as tyre handlers and forklifts at our NSW storage facilities.

Tytec Logistics national fleet consist of 27 prime mover and trailer sets. Our 27 OTR tyre freighters has the carrying equivalent of over 80 prime movers carrying your OTR tyres flat on a general tray freight trailer.

Our national fleet is constantly growing and being upgrading to meet our clients ever growing requirements.

Depot to minesite trucks x1

Port to depot trucks x2

Delivery trucks x1

Tyre handlers x1

8 Tonne Forklifts x1

15,000m² bitumen sealed OTR Tyre storage

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